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EFC (Epicons Friends of Concrete) - Workshops

LXXVIIIASSESSMENT, TESTING & REHABILITATION OF BRIDGES Part 1 08.03.2019 Institute of Engineers, (India)CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
LXXVII HIGH END ANALYSIS OF BUILDINGS 29.03.2019 30.03.2019 CIRCOT, Matunga, Mumbai
LXXVI Concrete for Everyone and Advances 05.01.2019 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
LXXV Challenges in Basement construction 22-09-2018Indian Registrar of Shipping (R&D Center), Opp Powai Lake, Powai
LXXIV Performance Based Design 25-05-2018 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
LXXIII Performance based Design and Code Provision 23-03-2018
Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
LXXII Deliberations Past Revision in Code
1893 :2016 & 13920 : 2016
02-12-2017 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
LXXI Health Assessment and NDT of Ports and Industrial Structures 07-10-2017 Indian Registrar of Shipping(R&D Center), Opp Powai Lake, Powai
LXXSeismic Design of RCC High-Rise Buildings12-05-2017
VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LXIXInspection, Testing, Repairs and Rehabilitation of Bridges18/03/2017VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LXVIIIOutstanding Steel Structures15-10-2016VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LXVIIE.Q Resistance Design - Codal Provisions, Latest Revisions and Issues related to Shear Wall03-06-2016
VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LXVILet's make Thane - Smart, Sustainable and Beautiful03-11-2016 ACC Complex (AALA) - Thane
LXV Laurie Baker - Truth in Architecture 22-08-2015 IES Collage - Bandra - Mumbai
LXIV 'Mega projects Durability Aspects - Present and Future' 08-08-2015 IRCLASS - Powai - Mumbai
LXIII 'Analysis, Design and Construction Aspects Of Buildings with RCC Walls (Alloform Shuttering)' 25-04-2015VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LXII Outstanding Structures around You 13-09-2014 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LXI Design of Machine Foundations 31-05-2014 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LX Conference- Earthquake Resistant Design of High Rise RCC structures - Modelling, Analysis and Design07-06-2013 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LIX Earthquake Resistant Design of High Rise RCC structures - Modelling, Analysis and Design 04-07-2013
VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LVIII Advance Concrete Technology II 11-03-2012 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
LVII Exteriors to Architecture 09-08-2012 IES Collage - Bandra - Mumbai
LVI Advance Concrete Technology I 08-11-2012 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
LV Deep Foundation & Pile Integrity Testing 11-05-2011 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
LIV Rain Water Harvesting-Case Studies for Mumbai 30-04-2011 Nehru Science Center, Worli
LIII Alternative Energy-Present & Future 22-12-2010 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
LII COLOURS 18-09-2010 IES Collage - Bandra - Mumbai
LI FLAT SLAB 28-11-2009 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
L Demystifying Concrete 09-05-2009 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
XLIX FLAT SLAB 29-07-2009 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
XLVIII Research in Earthquake Engineering With Emphasis on Damping and Passive Energy Systems 30-03-2009 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
XLVII Modern Construction Machinery and Equipment's 14-02-2009 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
XLVI IS-800-2007-General Construction in Steel -Code of Practice 30-08-2008 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
XLV Seismic Retrofitting 01-12-2008 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
XLIV Complex Structures-Innovative Thinking 18-08-2007 Kokane's Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi-Mumbai
XLIII A Tribute to Architect Laurie Baker 23-06-2007 Rachana Sansad - Auditorium-Prabhadevi, Mumbai
XLII Mumbai...Finding Utopia 21-04-2007 Hotel Orchid-Andheri-Mumbai
XLI Challenges in Designing Very Tall Structures24-02-2007 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
XL Chrysalis-Myths and Realities 30-09-2006 Hyatt Regency-Andheri-Mumbai
XXXIX Interior Trendz 03-04-2006 Grand Hyatt - Santacruz - Mumbai.
XXXVIII Software Application for Civil Engineers- Solutions & Problems 01-07-2006 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai.
XXXVII State-of-Art Construction Practices and Services for Residential Complexes 20-08-2005 Hall of Harmony-Nehru Center, Worli -Mumbai
XXXVI Contracts Management and Professional Integrity 20-05-2005 Kokane's Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi-Mumbai
XXXV Post Earthquake Seismic Retrofitting19-02-2005 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
XXXIV RMC-Production, Handling & Quality Assurance 01-08-2005 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
XXXIII Durable Cost-Effective Concrete using Mineral Admixtures 09-11-2004 Joshi's Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi-Mumbai
XXXII Hi-Tech Premix Products in Building Industry 07-03-2004 Grand Hyatt, Santacruz- Mumbai
XXXI Rain Water Harvesting- Metropolitan Region 03-06-2004 Nehru Science Center, Worli -Mumbai
XXX The Art of Architectural Photography 29-02-2004 The Taj Land's End, Bandra- Mumbai
XXIX Technological Advances For Total Performance in Ready Mix & Site Batched Self Compacting Concrete11-11-2003 Kokane's Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
XXVIII Emerging Trends In Concrete Technology 22-08-2003 The President Hotel - Pune
XXVII Emerging Trends In Concrete Technology 21-08-2003 Kohinoor Hall, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
XXVI Building Envelopes Technical Basis & Architectural Possibilities 19-07-2003 National Gallery of Modern Arts-Mumbai
XXV Future Steps to Reduce Earthquake Risks 09-05-2003
Hall of Harmony-Nehru Center, Worli-Mumbai
XXIV Repairs Chemicals Techniques & Modern Rehabilitations Techniques 29-03-2003 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
XXIII Repairs & Rehabilitation of RCC Building - Structural Audit 21-12-2002 Regent Hall, Hotel Ramee International, Khar (W)
XXII Life Extension & Quality Rating of RCC Building - Part II 10-12-2002 Auditorium of CIRCOT Institute, Matunga, Mumbai
XXI Life Expectancy & Quality Rating of RCC Buildings 15-06-2002 VJTI College - Matunga - Mumbai
XX Modern Construction Techniques 16-03-2002 Institute Of Engineers Hall-Hajiali-Mumbai
XIX Shades & Shadows 12-07-2001 National Gallery of Modern Art , Kalaghoda -Mumbai
XVIII Assessment & Retrofitting of Existing structure for Earthquake Resistance 15-09-2001 Hall of Harmony-Nehru Center, Worli-Mumbai
XVII Seismic Design of RCC Buildings 13-09-2001
National Gallery of Modern Art, Kalaghoda -Mumbai.
XVI Earthquake-Lessons from Failure 25-01-2002 All Heavens Banquet Hall-Thane
XV Bracing for Future Quakes 05-05-2001 UDCT-Matunga-Mumbai
XIV Good Engineering Practices 22-03-2001 Hotel Suvidha - Akola
XIII Outstanding Structures of the new Millennium 03-03-2001 Hall of Harmony-Nehru Center, Worli-Mumbai
XII Concrete Technology & Good Engg. Practices. 12 full day session Rambhau Mhalgi Probodhini Project site Uttan, Bhayander -Thane
XI(a) Follow up sessions of workshop XII 13-01-2001 Deshastha Rigvedi Hall -Vile Parle-Mumbai
XIConference on Building Maintenance & Repairs 25-11-2000 Gokhale Sabhagriha - Vile Parle-Mumbai
X IS:456:2000-Section 2, Overview & Revision 15-09-2000 Kohinoor Hall - Dadar-Mumbai
IX Conference on Building Maintenance & Repairs 04-01-2000 Hotel Parijat-Thane
VIII Water Proofing Problems & Solutions Part I- Terrace 26-05-2000 Hall of Harmony-Nehru Center, Worli-Mumbai
VII Services Involved in Housing Industry 14-05-2000
ACC-RCD Complex - Thane
VI In-situ Testing & Evaluation 10-02-2000
ACC-RCD Complex -Thane
V In-situ Testing & Evaluation 29-10-1999
ACC-RCD Complex - Thane
IV Role of Construction Chemicals in Civil Engg.18-09-1999VJTI- Matunga -Mumbai
III Services Involved in Housing Industry 12-08-1999
ACC-RCD Complex - Thane
II Deep Foundation & Pile Integrity Test 05-07-1999
ACC-RCD Complex - Thane
I Repairs & Maintenance of Buildings 17-09-1999 Hotel Golden Palace-Thane

EFC conducted Training Programs for the following

  1. Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd
  2. PWD- Thane
  3. CIDCO
  4. MCGM
  5. State Bank of India
  6. MHADA